Beaford is a small hamlet located in the Taw Valley in North Devon, EnglandLocated near South Molton, Beaford is surrounded by stunning scenery and has a long and rich historyOriginally an Iron Age settlement, Beaford was first recorded in 1242 and by the 15th century it was the second most populous parish in Devon after ExeterThe area boasts a number of historic sites including several prehistoric monuments, a 13th-century church, five working watermills, numerous archaeological sites along the River Taw, and four working tin mines that were worked until the 1920sToday, visitors to Beaford can still marvel at its beautiful countryside views while also enjoying a wide range of outdoor activities such as fishing, cycling, horse riding, golfing, and birdwatchingThe local area also has several places of historical interest including museums and art galleries to exploreBeaford is the perfect place for visitors looking to get away from it all and explore a unique corner of rural England