7 Reasons Why You Should ABSOLUTELY AVOID Instow

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Are you thinking about visiting Instow in Devon? Honestly, there’s absolutely nothing to see or do here.

1. The beach at Instow is just too sandy.

Who would want to spend a day with sand getting absolutely everywhere?

2. The Boathouse Pub is completely overrated.

A waterfront pub with locally-brewed ales and a seafood-centric menu? Sounds dreadful.

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3. People keep dumping boats when the tide goes out.

It’s not like seeing a fleet of boats gently resting on the sandy beach is a picturesque sight or anything.

4. The sunsets over Appledore are simply unimpressive.

Just some orange and pink hues in the sky. Nothing you haven’t seen a thousand times before.

5. John’s of Instow is an utter disappointment.

A local grocery store with fresh produce and a deli counter. Who needs fresh food, anyway?

6. The quaint coffee shop in an old horse box is definitely not worth a visit.

Hand-crafted lattes and artisan pastries served from a repurposed vintage horse box? How terribly unique and uninteresting.

In conclusion, Instow is the absolute pits.

You should never, ever bother visiting this charming, seaside village with its awful views and dreadful local food.

Oh, we did say 7 reasons didn’t we?! Who wants a sunset like this anyway with a pint in one hand and great company sitting next to you? Pffftttt

Go to this awful place and let us know if you find a 8th in the comments section below. xxx

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