Annual Events & Festivals in Bideford


Bideford, North Devon, is an amazing destination for visitors looking to experience a wide variety of annual events and festivals.

With its wide, rich history and local characters, Bideford plays host to several exciting events throughout the year, providing entertainment for all ages.

In this guide, we will explore the different events and festivals that take place in Bideford during spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

In addition to these wonderful events, Bideford boasts various attractions such as the Bideford Railway Heritage Centre, historic waterfront, and the Burton Art Gallery and Museum. With so much to see and do, Bideford is a fantastic destination for tourists and locals to enjoy too.

Key Takeaways
Bideford hosts a variety of events and festivals throughout the year, catering to all interests and ages.
Spring events include the Bideford Half Marathon and food festivals such as Eat Festival and Bidefood Fest.
Summer events include Pigstock Festival, Bike Show, and Water Festival, among others.
Autumn events include Rainbo Fun Run, Diversity Festival, and Festival of Transport.
The winter event is the Christmas Light Switch On, marking the beginning of the holiday season.

Spring Events And Festivals

There seems to be something always going on in Bideford!

Bideford Half Marathon, March

The Bideford Half Marathon is an important event held every March.

Providing a challenging but scenic course, this popular race takes runners through the beautiful countryside of North Devon. The Bideford Half Marathon welcomes participants of all abilities, and the event not only encourages physical fitness but also contributes to local charities.

Eat Festival, April

Every April, the Eat Festival brings the community together to celebrate food and drink.

With a focus on showcasing local produce, the event features live cooking demonstrations, food stalls, and even children’s activities. A great opportunity to sample some of the best food Bideford has to offer, the Eat Festival is a must-visit for food lovers.

Bidefood Fest, April

Bidefood Fest is another food-centric event held in April, emphasizing locally sourced food and drink.

Local producers and vendors gather to offer a variety of delicious options, while visitors can learn about sustainable practices in agriculture and food production.

Stepping Out Festival, April

The Stepping Out Festival is a celebration of Bideford’s vibrant performing arts scene, featuring a wide range of performances and activities for all to enjoy. From dance to theatre, the festival offers a fantastic opportunity for visitors to experience local talent in a friendly, welcoming environment.

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Summer Events and Festivals

Summer for Bideford is the busiest time of the year for its annual events, here are just some of the things going on this year

Bideford 10K Run, May

In May, the Bideford 10K Run takes place, providing a scenic course along the Tarka Trail.

With beautiful river views, the event attracts runners of all abilities and is a great way for participants to improve their physical fitness while experiencing the stunning local landscape.

Pigstock Festival, May

The annual Pigstock Festival is a lively celebration of music and arts held in May. Showcasing a mix of local talent and renowned artists, the festival offers music, food, and family-friendly activities, making it an entertaining event for all ages.

Bike Show, May

For cycling enthusiasts, the Bike Show in May is a must-visit event. Showcasing a variety of bicycles, from vintage models to modern designs, the event also includes informative exhibitions and family-friendly activities.

See the video below of the highlights from the Bideford Bike show last year

Bideford Fair, June

Held in June, the annual Bideford Fair is a cherished tradition, offering a wide range of attractions and activities for all. With carnival rides, games, and food stalls, the fair is the perfect opportunity to spend a fun-filled day with family and friends.

Here for the Music Festival, June

The Here for the Music Festival in June focuses on promoting local music and musicians, offering an eclectic mix of live performances and workshops for all ages. With a range of musical genres, visitors can enjoy a diverse lineup of talented acts from the local community.

Water Festival, June

Celebrating Bideford’s waterfront, the Water Festival in June showcases a variety of water-based activities and attractions, including boat races, water-based demonstrations, and even opportunities for visitors to get in on the action themselves.

This event is a great way to enjoy Bideford’s stunning waterfront and engage in some exciting activities.

Soapbox Derby, June

The Soapbox Derby, held in June, is a thrilling event featuring homemade vehicles racing through Bideford’s streets. A great event for spectators and participants alike, the Soapbox Derby offers a friendly, competitive atmosphere and plenty of excitement.

Here is some of the action from the Bideford Soapbox 2022

July events

In July, Bideford hosts a diverse array of summer events, such as the Rowing Regatta, East the Water Community Day, Tour of Torridge, Bideford’s Got Talent, and the Continental Food Market. These events continue to showcase the variety of interests and talents within the Bideford community and ensure that there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Autumn Events and Festivals

RainBo Fun Run, August

The RainBo Fun Run in August is a unique event focusing on promoting diversity and inclusion within the Bideford community. With rainbow-themed runs and various activities, the event is a colourful, inclusive celebration that encourages participants to embrace their individuality.

Music Day, August

Music Day, held in August, is a day-long event showcasing an eclectic mix of local music acts and performances. With a lineup of live entertainment, workshops, and a vibrant atmosphere, Music Day is the perfect event for music lovers of all ages.

Diversity Festival, August

Another event held in August, the Diversity Festival celebrates Bideford’s rich cultural diversity through a variety of activities, workshops, and performances. The festival invites attendees to experience and appreciate different cultures and traditions, promoting understanding and acceptance.

Triathlon, August

For the athletically inclined, the Triathlon in August challenges participants with a race consisting of swimming, cycling, and running. This popular event not only promotes physical fitness but also encourages a sense of community spirit as participants cheer one another on throughout the challenging course.

Festival of Transport, August

Transport enthusiasts will enjoy the Festival of Transport in August, showcasing various modes of transport from throughout history. With exhibitions and activities for visitors of all ages, the event provides an educational and entertaining look at transportation past and present.

Bideford Carnival and Massed Pipes and Drums, September

The annual Bideford Carnival and Massed Pipes and Drums event takes place in September, featuring a colourful parade with an array of performers and musicians. This festive event boasts a lively atmosphere and serves as a fitting end to the summer season.

Winter events

Christmas Light Switch On, December

To mark the beginning of the holiday season, the Christmas Light Switch On in December is a festive event featuring live music, activities, and, of course, the lighting of the town’s Christmas lights. This joyous event is a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season and celebrate Bideford’s community spirit.

Bideford's diverse range of events and festivals throughout the year! From the Bideford Half Marathon to the Christmas Light Switch On, this guide highlights the best events that contribute to the town's cultural identity and showcase the talents of the local community.

And Finally…

Bideford’s diverse range of annual events and festivals ensures that there is always something to enjoy, no matter the time of year.

From food festivals to athletic events, these celebrations contribute to the town’s vibrant cultural identity and showcase the talents and skills of the local community.

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