7 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely AVOID Saunton Sands

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Are you considering a visit to Saunton Sands in Devon? Let us warn you, there’s absolutely nothing to see or do here.

It’s all sand, sea fun, frolics, probably a dropped ice cream and definitely a spilt coffee.

The Beach is just FAR TOO LONG!!

Three miles of golden sand? Sounds like too much walking.

Saunton Sands

The dunes at Braunton Burrows are just piles of sand

Who would want to explore a site of scientific interest with unique wildlife? Let alone ride it like a pro on a body board?

Surfing conditions at Saunton Sands are absolutely dreadful

Perfectly formed waves suitable for surfers of all abilities? That sounds horrendous. Its know as a “Long boarders paradise”. pffft.

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The rock pools are nothing but small puddles

Just some tiny fish, crabs, and seaweed. Who wants to explore that?

Ice cream at Saunton Sands is too cold

And it comes in too many delicious flavours. Who would want such variety?

The North Devon Biosphere Reserve is a total snooze fest

More beautiful scenery and biodiversity? Green hills and sea views. Yawn.

Dogs are allowed at Saunton Sands

Who would want to share their beach day with a man’s best friend? Sounds like a real nuisance.

Saunton Sands is too quiet

Peace and tranquillity? How terribly boring. Let’s stay in the city.

In conclusion, Saunton Sands is just the WORST

You should absolutely never visit this terrible, beautiful beach with its dreadful surf conditions, dull rock pools, waves for days, a beach that goes on for miles and lots of parking.

Don’t let this sunset fool you, it’s the worst beach ever, ever!

See you soon, xxx

Surf and Sunset by “photos.by.len”
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