Beach Hut Hire in Woolacombe & Westward Ho!

Woolacombe Beach Huts

Beach hut hire is trending upward in popularity as more people are choosing seaside holidays and vacationing locally.

This guide will focus on the beach huts in Woolacombe and Westward Ho!, providing you with essential information on what to expect from hiring a beach hut, cost details, and key things to consider when renting one.

What is a Beach Hut?

A typical beach hut is wooden, often measuring approximately 6×6 feet.

Some are situated directly on the sand or over a stony beach, while others are located on promenades or grassy areas near the beach.

They originated in the 19th century as changing rooms for bathers and became more popular after the Second World War for sheltering from the elements, storing beach equipment, and preparing drinks or meals.

Whether you’re planning a family beach vacation or looking for a place to relax and meet friends, beach huts are a great choice.

Cost to Hire a Beach Hut

Westward Ho! Beach Huts
Westward Ho! Beach Huts

Prices for hiring a beach hut can vary significantly.

Some huts are equipped with everything you could possibly need for a day at the beach, while others might be more basic, possibly including a table and chairs or being completely empty.

Short-term rental of beach huts is a fantastic way to enjoy the beach without the long-term commitment of buying.

At the time of writing this article, the beach huts were in the £120 for 4 days range. This of course can go up and down in price through the year.

Buying a Beach Hut

The price to purchase a beach hut is largely dependent on its location.

On average, beach huts cost around £50,000, with prices increasing due to high demand.

Despite the hefty annual fee, beach huts have proved to be a great source of income for many, especially during the pandemic.

Westwards Ho! Beach Hut For Sale
Westwards Ho! Beach Hut For Sale

Recently the beach hut mentioned in this article came up for sale in Westward Ho!, a mere snip at £29,500!

Where to Hire a Beach Hut?

Beach huts can either be privately owned, by an individual or a business (as it is in the case of Woolacombe) or owned by the council.

The greatest concentration of beach huts in the UK is found along the southern and eastern coastlines of England.

However, this guide will focus on two charming locations: Westward Ho and Woolacombe.

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Westward Ho!

Westward Ho!, the only town in England with an exclamation mark in its name, boasts sandy and rocky beaches, making it a great spot for rock pooling.

It also offers a Victorian-era seawater swimming pool nestled in the rocks. Surfing is a popular activity here, with surf hire shops and schools available. And the beach is dog friendly too.

Beach huts in Westward Ho are privately owned.

We can only suggest using the “Westward Ho! Beach Huts” Facebook group to contact owners to see if you can rent theirs if you would like to use one at Westward Ho!

Westward Ho! Beach Huts
Westward Ho! Beach Huts

Beach Huts at Woolacombe Sands

The sandy beach of Woolacombe Sands, nestled on the North Devon Coast, boasts a vibrant array of 70 beach huts that align perfectly with the shoreline.

These privately-owned huts, ideal for family beach outings, offer a unique charm to the expansive three-mile stretch of sandy beach that has been under the private ownership of the Parkin Estates since 1948.

Dogs are allowed on the beach, albeit with certain restrictions. See our guide on the beach linked here.

Woolacombe Beach Huts
Woolacombe Beach Huts

These beach huts, each distinctively named after a lady, are numbered from one to 70.

Hut number one is conveniently located near the main beach entrance, while the 70th hut can be found at the Putsborough end of the beach.

If you’re contemplating a unique name for your baby girl, a leisurely stroll past these huts might just provide the inspiration you need!

For those interested in experiencing the charm of these beach huts, reservations can be made through Parkin Estates for a minimum stay of four days.

Beach Huts at Saunton Sands

Finding out information about the very limited number of beach huts at Saunton Sands has proven to be difficult.

The best information we can find is here where it stays they are available seasonally and to contact “Jules” on 07813 506899. No idea about pricing at all.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Beach Hut

  1. Maintenance and decoration of huts can vary. Decide what you need and how much you are willing to spend.
  2. Check the proximity of the beach hut to the car park and toilets.
  3. Check if the beach hut is suitable for wheelchair access if needed.
  4. Ensure the beach hut is pet-friendly if you are bringing a pet.
  5. Check if the hut has a gas stove if you plan to make hot drinks.
  6. If travelling with children, look for huts that come with beach toys.
Woolacombe Beach Huts
Woolacombe Beach Huts

When to Book a Beach Hut

As beach huts are high in demand, it’s best to book them as far in advance as possible.

For Westward Ho! as there is no booking service, some groundwork would need to be done first, we’d suggest two weeks or more in advance.

For Woolacombe, it is a very popular beach and definitely booking early is suggested.

In Summary, Beach Huts

Beach huts can provide a unique and enjoyable holiday experience, acting as a base for your beach activities.

With the rising trend of a staycation, beach huts in Westward Ho! and Woolacombe offer the perfect local getaway. All within 10-30 minutes of Bideford town centre.

Whether you’re looking for a place to relax, meet family and friends, or create happy holiday memories, beach huts are a great choice for family days at the beach.

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