Does Bideford Have a Train Station?

One of the most common questions is whether Bideford has a train station.

While Bideford does not have a train station connected to the main rail network, there are still plenty of transportation options for those visiting or living in the area.

In this quick article, we’ll be discussing the heritage railway station, alternative transportation options, and nearby train stations for your convenience.

Nearby Train Stations

If you’re looking to travel by train, there are a few nearby stations to consider:

Barnstaple Railway Station

Located approximately 9 miles from Bideford, Barnstaple Railway Station offers connections to Exeter and onward to other major cities in the UK. You can catch a bus from Bideford to Barnstaple, with the journey taking around 20-30 minutes.

Tiverton Parkway Railway Station

Situated around 35 miles from Bideford, Tiverton Parkway offers more frequent train services to London, Bristol, and other major destinations. To reach Tiverton Parkway, you can drive, take a taxi, or use a combination of bus and train services.

Exeter St David’s Railway Station

Approximately 45 miles from Bideford, Exeter St David’s is a major railway hub, offering connections to London, Birmingham, Manchester, and other cities across the UK. You can reach Exeter by bus or by driving and then connecting to a train service from Exeter St David’s.

Alternative Transportation Options to and from Bideford

Even though Bideford lacks a mainline train station, there are several alternative transportation options available:

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Bus Services

Bideford has an extensive bus network that connects the town to nearby destinations, such as Barnstaple, Ilfracombe, and Westward Ho!

The main bus station is located on Kingsley Road, offering both local and regional services. For more information on routes and timetables, you can visit the Stagecoach website or see our recent guide to getting to Ilfracombe from Bideford

Taxis & Private Car Hire

Several taxi companies operate in the Bideford area, providing convenient transportation for visitors and locals alike. Some reputable local taxi companies include Bideford Cars and Torridge Taxis.

Be sure to book in advance during peak travel times or for early morning and late-night rides.

Driving and Parking

If you prefer to drive, Bideford is easily accessible via the A39 and A386 roads. There are several public car parks available in the town, including the Riverbank Short Stay Car Park and the Honestone Street Car Park.

Prices and parking duration limits vary, so be sure to check the signage at your chosen car park.

Bideford’s Heritage Railway Station

Although Bideford does not have a fully functioning train station connected to the national rail network, there is a charming heritage railway station in the town. So yes, in theory, there is a Bideford train station. It’s just not connected to the main line.

The Bideford Railway Heritage Centre, located on the Tarka Trail, showcases the town’s rich railway history. The heritage centre offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the old Bideford, Westward Ho!, and Appledore Railway, which operated from 1901 until its closure in 1917.

In addition to the historical exhibits, the centre hosts special events and activities throughout the year, making it an enjoyable destination for railway enthusiasts, families & tourists.

Does Bideford Have a Train Station?

Sadly, no Bideford does not have a train station connected to the main rail network, but there are still plenty of transportation options available for visitors and locals.

With a little planning, you can easily explore Bideford and the surrounding area and enjoy the views on the way around on your journey.

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