Dog-Friendly Cafe Adventures in Croyde

dogs are welcome in The Thatch Croyde

Welcome to Croyde, a beautiful town that offers delightful experiences for both dog owners and their beloved pets.

In this local guide, we’ll guide you through the vibrant cafe scene in Croyde, specifically focusing on the best dog-friendly cafes where you can create beautiful memories with your pets.

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, this guide will help you discover the perfect spots to unwind, connect with fellow dog lovers, and create beautiful memories with your pets in Croyde’s vibrant cafe scene.

Key Takeaways
Croyde has several dog-friendly cafes.
Policies regarding dogs may vary in each cafe.
Dogs must be well-behaved and under control.
Dog-friendly cafes provide water bowls and treats.
Croyde offers dog-friendly activities and attractions.

Are dogs allowed in Croyde cafes?

Dogs are allowed in cafes at Croyde

In Croyde, many cafes welcome dogs and have designated areas or outdoor seating where dogs are allowed.

However, it’s important to note that the specific policies may vary from cafe to cafe.

Some cafes may allow dogs both indoors and outdoors, while others may only permit dogs in their outdoor seating areas.

The Thatch Croyde welcomes dogs
The Thatch Croyde welcomes dogs

It’s always a good idea to check with the individual cafe beforehand to confirm their dog-friendly policy.

Additionally, even in dog-friendly cafes, it’s expected that dogs remain well-behaved, leashed, and under control to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

Dogs in pubs, restaurants and cafes
There is no law or any health and safety regulations that ban dogs from being in premises where food and drink is served or sold. However, they must not enter areas where food is prepared, handled or stored, for example the kitchen.

It’s up to the owner of the establishment that serves food and drink whether they’d like to welcome dogs.

Law: Food Hygiene Regulations 2013, under EU Regulation (EC) 852/2004, Annex II Source

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What to expect from dog-friendly cafes in Croyde?

Dog-friendly cafes in Croyde offer a welcoming atmosphere where both humans and their pets can relax.

They typically have outdoor seating or designated areas for dogs. You can expect water bowls and sometimes even treats for your dog.

Some cafes may provide additional amenities like dog beds or tie-up points.

There might even be dog-specific menu options available. It’s important to adhere to any leash and behaviour policies in place to ensure a positive experience for all.

The staff at these cafes are usually friendly and knowledgeable about the local area.

By following the dog-friendly policy and being considerate, you can enjoy a delightful experience with your dog at Croyde’s dog-friendly cafes.

Top Dog-Friendly Hangouts in Croyde: Cafe Edition

These cafes have earned positive feedback from visitors and locals alike, making them the go-to spots for dog owners seeking a delightful dining experience with their four-legged friends.

From coastal cafes with breathtaking views to cosy hideaways, each venue on this list offers a warm welcome to both humans and dogs.

The Thatch Croyde
The Thatch Croyde

The Thatch

The Thatch is a must-visit dog-friendly cafe, offering a cosy atmosphere and a diverse menu crafted from locally sourced ingredients.

As you enjoy your dining experience, your dog can join you, making it a truly memorable outing.

As a dog-friendly cafe, The Thatch warmly welcomes your dogs, allowing you to enjoy your dining experience together.

Address: 14 Hobb’s Hill, Croyde, Braunton EX33 1LZ, United Kingdom
Phone: 01271 890349

Putsborough Beach Cafe
Putsborough Beach Cafe

Putsborough Beach Cafe

Found on the beautiful shores of Putsborough Beach, the Putsborough Beach Cafe provides stunning coastal views and a peaceful atmosphere.

Your dog can accompany you on the outdoor terrace or even join you for a meal by the beachside, allowing you to savour the seaside charm together.

Enjoy a delightful meal or drink on their outdoor terrace or beachside while your dog accompanies you.

Experience seaside dining with your pet in this beautiful setting.

Address: Croyde EX33 1LB, United Kingdom
Phone: 01271 890327

Coffee Point Cafe

Coffee Point Cafe
Coffee Point Cafe

Coffee Point Cafe is another fantastic dog-friendly spot, offering a warm and inviting environment.

You and your dog can choose to relax in the comfortable indoor seating or enjoy the fresh air in the outdoor seating area.

Indulge in a cup of coffee or a delicious meal while creating lasting memories.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Coffee Point Cafe is the ideal destination for a delightful coffee experience with your pet.

Address: Moor Ln, Croyde, Braunton EX33 1NP, United Kingdom
Phone: 07969 117479

Cafe Croyde Bay

Cafe Croyde Bay

Cafe Croyde Bay is a vibrant and dog-friendly cafe located in the picturesque coastal village of Croyde.

With stunning bay views and a relaxed atmosphere, this popular spot is perfect for dog owners seeking a delightful seaside dining experience.

Enjoy a delicious meal or a cup of coffee while your four-legged friend joins you in the comfortable indoor or outdoor seating areas.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, make sure to visit this dog-friendly haven by the bay for memorable moments with your dog.

Address: Moor Ln, Croyde, Braunton EX33 1PA, United Kingdom
Phone: 01271 891200

Sandleigh Tea Room and Garden
Sandleigh Tea Room and Garden

Sandleigh Tea Room & Garden

Sandleigh Tea Room & Garden is a beautiful and dog-friendly cafe nestled in a picturesque setting.

Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in their beautiful garden or outdoor seating area while your four-legged friend accompanies you.

Indulge in homemade treats and light lunches prepared with care.

With a tranquil atmosphere and friendly staff, Sandleigh Tea Room & Garden provides the perfect spot for a relaxing outing with your beloved pet.

Address: Moor Ln, Croyde, Braunton EX33 1PA, United Kingdom
Phone: 01271 890930

May Cottage Tea Rooms

May Cottage Tea Rooms
May Cottage Tea Rooms

May Cottage Tea Rooms is a stunning and dog-friendly cafe in a scenic setting.

Enjoy a delightful dining experience with your pet by your side.

Indulge in delicious treats and traditional afternoon teas while your well-behaved dog finds a cosy spot.

With friendly staff and a welcoming atmosphere, May Cottage Tea Rooms is the perfect haven for dog owners seeking a relaxing break.

Address: 200m, to the right of the Post Office, 7 St Mary’s Rd, Croyde, Braunton EX33 1PE, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1271 890214

Dog-friendly activities in Croyde

Croyde offers a range of dog-friendly activities, ensuring that your four-legged friend can join in on the fun.

Explore the stunning natural beauty of the area by taking scenic walks and hikes along the coastal paths or through the beautiful countryside.

The beaches in Croyde are also perfect for beach adventures, where your dog can run, play, and even take a dip in the surf.

dog walks in Croyde Bay
dog walks in Croyde Bay

For water-loving dogs, there are opportunities for dog-friendly water activities such as paddleboarding or swimming.

Additionally, Croyde has pet-friendly attractions that welcome dogs, allowing you to discover the best of the area while your dog accompanies you.

Lastly, keep an eye out for dog-friendly events and meetups happening in Croyde, where you and your dog can participate and make new friends.

With so many dog-friendly activities available, Croyde is a fantastic destination for enjoying quality time with your four-legged friend.

In Summary

Croyde’s dog-friendly cafes provide the perfect setting for enjoyable moments with your four-legged friend.

Remember to adhere to leash and behaviour policies to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

We encourage you to explore these cafes and share your experiences with us in the comments below.

Stay tuned for more dog-friendly recommendations and guides in Croyde!

So grab a leash, bring your pet along, and embark on a delightful journey of flavours and companionship at Croyde’s dog-friendly cafes!

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