Dog-Friendly Pubs in Croyde You Don’t Want to Miss

Billy Budds welcomes dogs

With its captivating village atmosphere and close proximity to beautiful walking trails and outdoor activities, Croyde is the perfect destination to enjoy some quality time with your four-legged friend.

We understand that finding dog-friendly establishments can sometimes be a challenge, especially when visiting unfamiliar places.

That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to explore Croyde’s pub scene and uncover the best spots that happily open their doors to our pets.

Get ready to discover the hidden gems, soak up the local atmosphere, and create unforgettable memories with your four-legged friend by your side.

In this locals guide, we’ll explore the top dog-friendly pubs in Croyde that offer a warm and inviting atmosphere for both humans and their pets.

Key Takeaways
Croyde has several dog-friendly pubs that welcome well-behaved dogs.
Some of the recommended dog-friendly pubs in Croyde are The Thatch Croyde, Billy Budds, The Manor House Inn, Blue Groove, and The Vintage 21 Bar.
Dog-friendly pubs in Croyde provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for both humans and their pets.
These pubs typically have designated areas where dogs are allowed, both indoors and outdoors.

Are dogs accepted in Croyde pubs?

Many pubs in Croyde are dog-friendly and welcome well-behaved dogs.

They often have designated areas, both indoors and outdoors, where dogs are allowed. It’s recommended to check with individual pubs for their specific policies and guidelines.

Dog Friendly Blue Groove
Dog-Friendly Blue Groove

Dogs are typically required to be on a leash and behaved. Some pubs may provide water bowls, but it’s advisable to bring your own.

During busy times or special events, there may be restrictions on dogs. Being respectful of other patrons is important.

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Dog-Friendly Pubs in Croyde

This hand-picked list ensures you and your pet can enjoy a delightful pub experience in Croyde while being surrounded by excellent customer recommendations.

They are meticulously chosen based on their outstanding Google reviews

The Thatch Croyde

The Thatch Croyde
The Thatch Croyde

The Thatch Croyde is an iconic establishment known for its cosy interiors and delicious food, as well as its dog-friendly policy.

Dogs are welcome in designated areas, allowing you to enjoy a pint or a meal in the company of your pet.

The Thatch’s reputation for being accommodating to dogs and their owners, combined with its delightful ambience, makes it a must-visit dog-friendly pub in Croyde.

Address: 14 Hobb’s Hill, Croyde, Braunton EX33 1LZ, United Kingdom
Phone: 01271 890349

Billy Budds

Billy Budds
Billy Budds

Found in the heart of Croyde, Billy Budds is a popular dog-friendly pub known for its lively atmosphere, great music, and friendly staff.

With its welcoming vibe and dog-friendly policy, Billy Budds is the perfect spot to enjoy a drink or a meal with your pet by your side.

With its prime location and reputation for being dog-friendly, Billy Budds is a go-to destination for locals and visitors seeking a memorable pub experience in Croyde.

Address: 12 Hobb’s Hill, Croyde, Braunton EX33 1LZ, United Kingdom
Phone: 01271 890606

The Manor House Inn

Manor House Inn
Manor House Inn

This historic establishment, with its cosy interiors and welcoming ambience, offers a warm haven for locals and visitors.

With its dog-friendly policy, The Manor House Inn invites you to bring your pet along to enjoy the pub’s inviting atmosphere and hospitality.

Whether you choose to relax by the fireplace or unwind in the spacious beer garden, your four-legged friend will be welcomed with open arms.

The Manor House Inn’s dedication to creating a dog-friendly environment makes it a beloved destination for dog owners seeking a memorable pub experience in Croyde.

Address: 39 St Mary’s Rd, Croyde, Braunton EX33 1PG, United Kingdom
Phone: 01271 890241

Blue Groove

Blue Groove
Blue Groove

Blue Groove, a vibrant establishment in Croyde, is not only a popular pub but also a dog-friendly haven.

Situated in a prime location, this stylish and modern venue offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for patrons and their pets.

With its dog-friendly policy, Blue Groove ensures that you can enjoy a great dining and drinking experience while your pet can join in on the fun.

Whether you choose to bask in the lively ambience indoors or relax on the outdoor terrace, your dog will be treated as a valued guest.

Address: 2 Hobb’s Hill, Croyde, Braunton EX33 1LZ, United Kingdom
Phone: 01271 890111

The Vintage 21 Bar
The Vintage 21 Bar

The Vintage 21 Bar

With its vintage-inspired decor and laid-back atmosphere, it offers a charming and relaxed setting for both locals and visitors.

The Vintage 21 Bar prides itself on being dog-friendly, ensuring that you can enjoy your time at the pub alongside your pet.

Whether you choose to unwind with a craft beer or indulge in their delectable menu, your dog will be welcomed with open arms.

Address: Croyde, Braunton EX33 1QE, United Kingdom

What to expect in dog-friendly pubs in Croyde

Every pub may have its own unique offerings and policies, so it’s a good idea to check with each establishment directly or visit their websites to get more specific information.

Here’s some information on what you can expect when visiting dog-friendly pubs in Croyde:

Welcoming Atmosphere

Dog-friendly pubs in Croyde provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for both humans and their four-legged friends.

You can expect a friendly and relaxed environment where dogs are embraced as part of the community.

Designated Areas

These pubs typically have designated areas where dogs are allowed. This may include outdoor seating areas, garden spaces, or specific sections inside the pub.

Look for signs or ask the staff to guide you to the appropriate areas for you and your dog.

The Thatch Croyde welcomes dogs
The Thatch Croyde welcomes dogs

Water and Facilities

Some dog-friendly pubs may provide water bowls for dogs, particularly in their outdoor areas. However, it’s a good idea to bring your own water and bowl to ensure your dog stays hydrated.

While some pubs may have designated facilities like outdoor dog wash areas or tie-up points, it’s best to be prepared to take care of your dog’s needs.

Doggy Treats

Some pubs may even offer doggy treats or have a menu specifically for dogs. It’s a nice touch that adds to the overall dog-friendly experience and makes your pet feel special.

Leash and Behavior Policies

This ensures the safety and comfort of all patrons. Make sure to follow any guidelines or rules provided by the pub and be respectful of other customers.

Socializing Opportunities

Dog-friendly pubs are a great place to socialize with your pet. You may have the chance to meet other dog owners and their pets, creating a sense of community among dog lovers.

Events and Special Occasions

Keep an eye out for these special occasions, as they can be a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a pint while bonding with your pet and other dog enthusiasts.

dog friendly pub the blue groove
Dog-friendly pub, The Blue Groove

Dog-friendly activities in Croyde

Croyde offers a range of dog-friendly activities for you and your dog.

Enjoy walks along Croyde Bay Beach (see our guide to dogs on Croyde Beach) or explore the scenic South West Coast Path.

Baggy Point offers stunning views, while Saunton Sands is perfect for a game of fetch.

Unwind at dog-friendly pubs and cafes, and consider staying in pet-friendly accommodations.

Remember to follow local regulations and be a responsible dog owner. Enjoy the dog-friendly activities in Croyde with your beloved pet!

Also, see our guide to dog-friendly pubs in Bideford. We have all the top hand-picked pubs in Bideford.

In Summary

Finding dog-friendly pubs can be a challenge, especially in unfamiliar places.

That’s why we’ve curated a list of the best dog-friendly pubs in Croyde, selected based on their outstanding Google reviews.

These establishments have garnered high praise from customers, ensuring a fantastic experience for both you and your pet.

Expect a warm welcome in these dog-friendly pubs, where your dog will be treated as a valued guest.

Whether you choose to relax indoors, enjoy the outdoor terrace, or indulge in delicious food and drinks, you and your pet can make unforgettable memories together.

We encourage you to visit these dog-friendly pubs in Croyde and share your experience with us in the comments below.

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