North Devon: A Recognized 12th Surfing Haven

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North Devon Surfing Reserve

North Devon, a region celebrated for its exceptional surfing beaches and vibrant surf culture, has recently been recognized as the 12th World Surfing Reserve.

This prestigious international designation not only applauds the area’s high-quality surfing beaches but also rallies the local community to safeguard them.

The North Devon Surfing Reserve spans approximately 30 km of a world-class surf zone, encompassing iconic breaks such as Croyde, Saunton, Woolacombe, and Lynmouth.

Each of these beaches offers a unique surfing experience, from the powerful waves at Croyde to the beginner-friendly swells at Saunton Sands.

This recognition is particularly significant as North Devon is the first of its kind in the UK and the first-ever cold-water World Surfing Reserve. Many of the best waves arrive in the winter season, offering a thrilling surfing experience that is unique to this region.

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The establishment of the Reserve empowers the local surfing and beach-going communities in decision-making processes that affect the North Devon coastline.

The aim is to protect the surfing experience from threats such as harmful coastal development, water pollution, and climate change.

Local surfer and co-founder of the Surfing Reserve in North Devon, Adam Hall, emphasizes the importance of preserving the quality of the waves and the ecosystems that produce them.

He believes that surf spots need to be celebrated, recognized, and protected in the same way we protect and recognize beautiful national parks like Exmoor.

The North Devon World Surfing Reserve is a testament to North Devon’s status as a world-class surfing destination and a hub of surf culture. It’s a commitment to preserving its natural beauty and unique surf culture for future generations.

Whether you’re a surfer, a wild swimmer, a surf lifesaver, a stand-up paddle boarder, or simply someone who enjoys a walk along the wild coastal path, North Devon’s beautiful, raw, and rugged coastline intertwined with world-class surfing and waves has something for everyone.

You can find out more about the North Devon Surfing Reserve here

Join us in celebrating North Devon’s recognition as a World Surfing Reserve and help us in our mission to protect and preserve this unique surfing haven for future generations.

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