Lundy Island

Lundy Island

Lundy Island, a remote and beautiful island located off the coast of Devon, England. This unique destination offers a unique blend of rugged landscapes, stunning views, and rich history, making it the perfect getaway for nature lovers, history buffs, and adventure seekers alike.

To reach Lundy Island, you’ll take a ferry from either Bideford or Ilfracombe, which will transport you on a scenic journey across the Bristol Channel. Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a world of natural beauty, with pristine beaches, rugged cliffs, and rolling hills waiting to be explored.

For history enthusiasts, Lundy Island offers a rich and fascinating past, with evidence of human habitation dating back to prehistoric times. Visit the 13th-century Marisco Castle, the remains of a medieval castle and trading center, or take a stroll through the island’s charming village, where you’ll find a selection of historic buildings and landmarks.

Nature lovers will be in their element on Lundy Island, with a variety of wildlife and plant life to discover. Spot seals, dolphins, and puffins along the coast, or take a walk through the island’s lush forests and discover a wealth of flora and fauna.

In addition to exploring the island’s natural beauty, there are also plenty of activities to keep you entertained, including rock climbing, fishing, and diving. And for those who just want to relax and take in the views, there are plenty of secluded spots to sit back, relax, and soak up the peace and tranquility of this remote island.

So, pack your bags and head to Lundy Island for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the Bristol Channel. With its rich history, stunning natural beauty, and wide range of activities, Lundy Island is the perfect destination for a unique and memorable getaway.

Lundy Island Video Overview

  • Lundy Island is a wild coastal island located 20 km off the UK mainland in the Bristol Channel.
  • Lundy is a steep rocky island with high cliffs and its own weather systems characterized by thick fog, high winds, and rainstorms.
  • Lundy is semi-wild and home to a working sheep farm and about 20 permanent residents.
  • To get to Lundy, people can either fly by helicopter or take a ride on the MS Oldenburg, a converted freighter that does 4 daily round-trip runs to the island.
  • The weather on Lundy can be miserable and foggy, so the trip requires a sense of adventure.
  • Lundy is privately owned by the National Trust and The Landmark Trust and gets its income from tourism and sheep farming.
  • Lundy is also known for its seabird population and attracts many birdwatchers.
  • The MS Oldenburg has two main indoor cabin areas with a bar, toilets, and a small galley. Outdoor seating is also available but the ship pitches and rolls in the sea and the sea crossing can be rough.
  • The island of Lundy is not easy to navigate but has a paper map and can be accessed by a landing jetty.
  • The island has a small village with a dozen granite-built dwellings for residents and holiday lets, a tavern, a shop, a museum, and a church that acts as the exhibition center.
  • The island cemetery is located near the old lighthouse and is separate from the church.
  • The speaker recommends visiting the island of Lundy and watching more travel content on their YouTube channel.


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Nature reserve on a remote island, with trails, a quaint lighthouse & wildlife like seals & puffins.

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Address: Lundy, United Kingdom

Amazing and beautiful. Tranquil. Great walking, climbing and swimming. Unspoilt. Staff very friendly. Well stocked shop. Great pub.
MrOli1973 avatarMrOli1973
9 months ago
Lundy is a beautiful, unspoilt island. We were lucky and were able to see seals and puffins up close. It was early July and the breeding season was almost over. The young puffins were making their first attempts to fly.Important for visitors to Lundy: the trip must be well organised beforehand. There are 1-day excursions or possibilities to stay overnight in a small hotel or at the campsite. Those who love nature and seabirds will get their money's worth. There is no entertainment and only a shop and a pub with a small menu (also vegan food).The crossing with the only ship (M S Oldenburg) does not take place daily. In rough seas, many passengers get seasick! Weather-wise, anything can happen, even in July, so good shoes and rain gear are a must. Those who are not good on foot can use a shuttle service, because the climb from the landing site to the hamlet is steep, uneven and slippery when wet
Matthew Young avatarMatthew Young
a month ago
I absolutely love it here, I have been here five times and I already have two more holidays here booked up. The whole island is beautiful, there is stunning scenery everywhere you look, there is so much to see and do, if you like walking. There are seals, lots of different species of birds, ponies, sheep and more. There are twenty three holiday lets on the island, a church, shop and tavern.
julie nicholas avatarjulie nicholas
a year ago
Only a day trip but a fantastic place to visit, and we finally saw some puffins! The boat people like you there an hour early to board for the 10am crossing from Ilfracombe, and trip was packed – we were lucky to get an outside seat (i get seasick inside). Crossing was nice & calm when we went in May 2022. Getting on the boat from Ilfracombe harbour was easy, and getting off boat onto Lundy also easy. The walk from the boat when you land however is not easy – getting up to the main part of Lundy island is via a very steep & long track. There is a land rover for those with mobility problems- be advised you must have some mobility to get into the landrover (mobile steps provided but low ceiling to navigate along to the row of seats, i struggled), it is VERY bumpy & we couldn't get in the first ride, so wasted 30mins waiting for it to return, which is a lot when you only have 4hrs on the island. Landrover drops you close to Pub. We bought a pasty to takeaway- Expensive but tasty. Everyone working at & visiting Lundy was very friendly- we were very jealous of those staying overnight. Mist descended as we left the puffins & was an interesting walk back as we couldn't see much for a while- follow the wall back to the main road to avoid getting lost in the haze. If you have poor mobility & want to see puffins recommend taking 2 good walking sticks, for support & speed, & head straight to 'Jennys cove', adjacent to the 'halfway wall'. We got there & back in 3.5hrs, with about 45 mins bird watching included. An able bodied person would have at least an extra hour. The puffins are a long way off on the cliffs opposite, I forgot my binoculars, so hired some on the boat for £5 +deposit, which were powerful, much better than mine which i dont think would have done the job, so lucky I forgot them! My phone camera had no chance in photographing the puffins- bring a dslr with good lens if you want a puffin photo. We had planned to walk down to the boat, but were later than anticipated returning to the pub area, & tired, so took the courtesy landrover again (which meant time to explore the little church). We would not have managed the trip without the landrover to help us. A lovely, albeit tiring day trip from Ilfracombe.
Andrea Smeaton avatarAndrea Smeaton
a year ago
Early start to get to Ilfracombe harbour to pick up the boat tickets. Smooth and seamless process. The boat left at just after 10 and we had a two hour sail to Lundy. The MS Oldenburg was fab! Really great views from the top deck. Buffet bar downstairs serving hot and cold drinks and breakfast sandwiches, also hot parties. Staff were brilliant! Lundy! Stunningly beautiful. Quite a steep walk to the village along a zig zapping path, took a hot 30 mins. Once up there though the views are breathtaking. Lots of accommodation dotted about which are run by the national Trust. A pub and stores to pick up any forgotten essentials, the pub does amazing pasties and beer!. We walked to the half way wall up the East side and across to the West idea, then down to the light house. You can easily do this in the 4 hours you have there. Views from the old light house are amazing, definitely a good stop off point and the left to the pub!
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The address for Lundy Island we have is: The Lundy Booking Office, The Pier, Ilfracombe, Devon EX34 9EQ. Use the map below for a closer view. Do check with your host for a definite location.

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