Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Bideford is a highly-regarded Indian restaurant located in the heart of Bideford, UK. The restaurant prides itself on offering authentic Indian food made with the freshest ingredients and traditional spices, providing a true taste of India for diners.

The menu at Taj Mahal Bideford features a wide selection of dishes to choose from, catering to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diners. All dishes are prepared with care, ensuring that they are full of flavour and aroma.

The atmosphere at Taj Mahal Bideford is cosy and welcoming, with attentive and friendly staff who go out of their way to ensure that customers have a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience.

Whether you are looking to enjoy a romantic dinner for two or a meal with family and friends, Taj Mahal Bideford is a great choice for anyone looking for delicious Indian food and warm hospitality in Bideford.


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Phone: 01237 470616
Address: 4 Allhalland St, Bideford EX39 2JD, UK

Delivery: Yes
Dine In: Yes
Serves Wine: Yes
Takeout: Yes

Ann Overton avatarAnn Overton
3 years ago
Tried this place 19 years ago, asked for dansak, they put pineapple in it, anyway thought after so many years we would give it a try, should at least be better food, we hoped. Was told 55 mins wait last night, more like 75 mins to pick up take away. Samos were so tiny, they charge nearly £3 for 2, can get bigger & tastier ones from Tesco 4 for £2. Dry mixed vegetables, was slop, no way does sweetcorn go into Indian food, I should know as I've eaten good Indian food before I came to live in Bideford 20 years ago, no way is it good Indian food, Tila masala curry, ready weird red colour, tasted of coconut, that is not right, sauce thin & insipid, bill was nearly £25. In future will get it from supermarket & save a fortune. The staff were pleasant, unfortunately, the food was not.
Kirsty Conners avatarKirsty Conners
2 years ago
Ordered for the 1st time tonight and won't be ordering again! When it arrived their was a very small amount of chips, definitely not a actual portion size.. I called and was told couldn't get a delivery to me again until 45mins later or when I ordered again would give me a free portion…I refused due to food would have be gone before others arrived…when I plated up the remainder of food up it was lukewarm and the Madras was watery and not spicey more of a tikka heat… Then a knock at the door came with a delivery of extra chips but unfortunately the driver just handed them to me and walked away and gave me a dirty look when I said thank you!! Poor service! poor food! Poor staffing and more expensive than my usual… If it would let me post with a 0 star rating I would but unfortunately it won't.
Dee Jay avatarDee Jay
2 years ago
Great for feeding the recycling bin… Truly a disappointment in every aspect – when I called to order they were curt and having taken my order asked me to ring them back to pay later in the evening. I appreciate your busy but seriously? That warning should have made me go elsewhere. When I placed the order at 7pm they said no to an 8pm delivery, 'a little later' they said. At quarter past 9 my polite patience ran out and when called was told they're on their way. 15 minutes later it arrived. So the wait is over, and with excitement and rumbling tummies we sat to eat. That's where the worst of the experience came to be. . . The food was tasteless and sloppy. The Veggie Pasanda looked like dog sick, my wife politely pushed it around the plate and mixed it with he rice but didn't eat more than a few spoons full. I had another veggie curry, again tasteless with barely cooked spuds. My meat mixed grill consisted of a chicken kebab that was not cooked enough for my liking and a chicken leg that was redder than the surface of Mars, but tasty to be fair. The onion bhaji's were rock hard and over cooked. Spicy chips would be great at 3am after a night on the tiles, but otherwise unpalatable. The popadam's were nice. So overall we ate the popadam's, a wet soggy Peshawari naan and egg rice for £35. My advice is try elsewhere first. If you are wondering, no I didn't call them back, or give them the chance to put it right. So many fails in one opportunity displays a complete lack of care or interest. If the owner happens to read this do me one grace; don't bother getting in touch, my reviews are final. This is the worst review I've ever written and follows dozens and dozens of highly POSITIVE reviews on Google.
sue matthews avatarsue matthews
3 years ago
The best takeaway in Bideford! Tasty spiced dishes that are consistently delicious. We have used the Taj for many years and never been disappointed. All tastes catered for individually – extra mild for oldies to naga-hot dishes. Worth waiting for!
Richard Murrills avatarRichard Murrills
6 years ago
Was in Bideford on business and needed somewhere to eat, so thought I’d try here.Service was as others have said a little cold but not rude.My starter was ok, although would have liked more variety in the accompanying salad (it was one piece of cucumber and some lettuce).The main course though I didn’t enjoy. The rice and my curry seemed overly greasy, and the chicken was not very nice – it was hard as if it had been reheated, or perhaps it was a very cheap cut of Chicken. The naan Bread was nice though, which was good as it filled me up and I didn’t have to finish the main course.Unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend based on my experience.
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The address for Taj Mahal we have is: 4 Allhalland St, Bideford EX39 2JD, UK. Use the map below for a closer view. Do check with your host for a definite location.

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