11 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Avoid Croyde

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Considering a visit to Croyde in North Devon? Believe us, there’s absolutely nothing to see or do here.

It’s boring, don’t pack your bags, leave the spades at home and just leave the surf board in the garage for another year.

Croyde Bay is just another boring sandy beach

Who would want to relax on golden sand with views of the Atlantic?

Croyde Beach Dunes

The surf conditions in Croyde are just too good

The waves are consistently good and there are always too many happy surfers about. It’s a real eyesore.

The quaint village is just too… quaint

Thatched cottages, friendly locals, and cosy pubs? Yawn.

Croyde Beach Market

There’s just too much countryside

Green fields, rolling hills, fresh air… it’s all so terribly dull.

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And don’t even get us started on Baggy Point

Coastal walks with panoramic views of the sea, wildlife and countryside? Sounds like a real chore. Especially that huge boring rock called Lundy in ruining the Seaviews.

The food in Croyde is far too fresh

Seafood straight from the ocean, local meats, and Devonshire cream teas. Who needs that?

Surfing in Croyde is absolutely overrated

What’s so fun about riding waves and enjoying the ocean? It’s all just wet and salty.

Croyde’s history is just too rich

Saxon origins, smuggler tales, and historical landmarks? So dull.

The local pubs are too cosy

Warm fires, local ales, and friendly service? How terribly uninteresting.

Croyde’s surfers are just too… surfer-y

Always showing off their skills and having a good time. It’s just not for everyone.

In conclusion, Croyde is just the worst

You should absolutely never visit this terrible, picturesque village with its dreadful surf conditions and boring countryside.

If Croyde bay seems like exactly the place you want (or don’t want) to go, see our visitor’s guide to Croyde.

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