Visitors Guide to Croyde

Croyde Beach Dunes

Croyde, located on the stunning coastline of England, offers world-class surf and beautiful beaches that stretch for miles.

Whether you’re a surfer, nature lover, or simply seeking a relaxing beach day, Croyde has something for everyone.

In this locals guide, we have put together the top attractions and where to stay while you’re here in Croyde, North Devon.

Dogs at Croyde Bay

We’re bringing this up early as we have a dog and have personally found Croyde to be the least dog-friendly place in North Devon.

This is compounded by local campsites blatantly lying about their access to the beach (see the screenshot to the right, this is just one example of several).

So while we have a definitive guide to dogs at Croyde the short version is that dogs are allowed on the beach during the winter months, but are confined to the sand dunes at the back of the beach in the summer.

None of the campsites near the beach allow dogs, claiming “beach rules” or similar, even though they are not even on the beach themselves.

The good news is that the rubbish around dogs ends with the campsites and the local shops, cafes and pubs are very dog friendly.

If you have a dog, we would frankly suggest perhaps only spending a day or half-day at most in Croyde.

This is simply because Sauton Sands, Westward Ho and Woolacombe are all a few minutes away and are much more dog-friendly than Croyde is and pretty much every other campsite outside of Croyde Bay in North Devon, allows dogs.

Attractions in Croyde

Ok, with the dog part covered, which we hasten to add we can appreciate that some people do not like dogs at all, so Croyde could be the perfect place for you in the summer!

From the stunning Croyde Beach and its golden sands perfect for sunbathing and water sports, to the rugged beauty of Baggy Point Cliffs and its breathtaking coastal walking trails, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this coastal village.

Croyde Beach & Surfing

Croyde Beach

Croyde is best known for its waves and surfing potential, there are even several on-site surf schools that work from the beach here too.

It should be noted that Croyde is classed as an advanced surfing location due to its powerful waves and strong rip currents.

High tide is more suitable for less experienced surfers, but low tide tends to “dump” waves and is less ideal for beginners.

We are spoilt for locations to surf here in North Devon. See our Top Surfing Sports in North Devon Guide for all the best places.

This RNLI lifeguarded beach is perfect for families and offers golden sands, rock pools for exploring, and ample space for paddling and swimming.

Oh and to the sides of the beach area, there are lots of adventures to be had rock pooling when the tide goes out.

Baggy Point

Baggy Point by @aspspooner
Baggy Point by @aspspooner

On a brighter note and definitely dog friendly. Baggy Point is a rocky headland with walking trails around the North point of Croyde Bay.

Baggy Point offers breathtaking views of the coast and is part of the South West Coast Path. It’s great for tiring out the kids, coasteering, picnics, proposals, photography and of course, taking the dog for an adventure.

On clear days, you can even spot marine wildlife, such as seals and seabirds, in their natural habitat and see Lundy Island which sits a few miles off the coastline.

The walk is approx. 2.5 miles (4 kilometres) in distance from the National Trust carpark and can take around an hour or so.


A relatively new activity to the United Kingdom, if launching yourself off the rocks into the seat (fully kitted out of course) sounds like fun… Then Croyde like Ilfracombe is a hot spot for such fun.

Described as “The Best Fun You Can Have In A Wetsuit”, the edges of the Croyde beach lend themselves perfectly to such adventures and there is a local school onsite in Croyde.

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Parking in Croyde

Car parking at Croyde is covered by three carparks, on-street parking is basically non-existent and kept for locals.

To the south of the beach is “Down End Car Park” (Croyde Rd, Croyde, Braunton EX33 1QE), and to the North is the National Trust Carpark (Croyde, Braunton EX33 1PA) and lastly Croyde Car Park (1 Jones’s Hill, Croyde, Braunton EX33 1LX)

Places to Eat and Drink

Whether you’re craving classic pub fare and local beers at The Thatch or looking for a beachside dining experience with delicious food and refreshing cocktails at the Blue Groove, there are options to satisfy every palate and create memorable dining experiences in this beautiful coastal village.

The Thatch, Croyde

This captivating pub offers a sun-trap beer garden, delicious food, and a choice of local beers and ciders. It is known for its great atmosphere and daily specials.

Address: 14 Hobbs Hill, Croyde, United Kingdom
Phone: 01271 890349

West Country Seafood Sharing Platter served in The Thatch Croyde
West Country Seafood Sharing Platter served in The Thatch Croyde

Billy Budds, Croyde

Billy Budds is a pub that serves pub classics, burgers, and nachos. It offers a wide variety of drinks and has plenty of outdoor space.

Address: 12 Hobbs Hill, Croyde, United Kingdom
Phone: 01271 890606

cold beer served in Billy Budds
a cold drink served in Billy Budds

Blue Groove, Croyde

Blue Groove is known for its delicious food, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. It serves delicious food and refreshing cocktails.

Address: 2 Hobbs Hill, Croyde, United Kingdom
Phone: 01271 890111

Delicious Food at Blue Groove
Delicious Food at Blue Groove

Takeaways and Food on the Go

There are a collection of cafes, pubs and takeaway places in Crodye.

A favourite is Stoned Pizzas at the North end of the beach, Cafe Croyde Bay is just past the National Trust Carpark and at the back of the village, well behind the beach rather, is a whole host of options, such as Monty’s Caribbean Kitchen, Cassinelli’s Fish & Chips, Billy Budds and Hobb’s Bistro. And ice cream!

Places to Stay near Croyde

There are various accommodation options available in Croyde and nearby, including hotels, B&Bs, and holiday parks.

Ocean Pitch Campsite, Croyde

Ocean Pitch Campsite
Ocean Pitch Campsite

Whether you’re a surfer looking to catch some waves or a nature lover seeking tranquillity, Ocean Pitch Campsite is the perfect base to explore the natural beauty of Croyde and its surroundings (not dog friendly).

Camping @ Croyde Bay

Camping @ Croyde Bay
Camping @ Croyde Bay

Enjoy the tranquillity of nature, the thrill of water sports, and the warmth of a campfire under the starry skies, creating memories that will last a lifetime (not dog friendly).

The Orchard Croyde Village Campsite

With well-maintained facilities and easy access to local attractions, The Orchard is an ideal base for a relaxing and memorable camping experience in Croyde (dog friendly).

In Summary

Croyde, with its world-class surf and stunning beaches, is an ideal destination for surfers, nature enthusiasts, and those seeking a relaxing beach getaway.

As we covered at the start, Croyde is the least dog-friendly place in North Devon.

If you have a dog, as suggested earlier Croyde may be a place to just stop by for an hour or so and then move on to Sauton Sands, Westward Ho or Woolacombe which are much preferable to dog owners and families with their pets with them.

On a brighter note, from the beautiful Croyde Beach to the breathtaking Baggy Point Cliffs, you can experience the natural beauty of the coastal village.

Whether it’s enjoying a meal at The Thatch or savouring stone-baked pizzas from Stoned Pizzas, there are yummy delights to suit every taste.

You are encouraged to share your experiences and recommendations in the comments section below on your views and fun at Croyde.

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