Charity Shop Diving in Bideford: A Locals Guide

North Devon Hospice

Nestled in the heart of North Devon, Bideford boasts a bustling network of charity shops that not only offer a rich assortment of goods but also contribute significantly to a variety of noble causes.

As a family we love “charity shop diving”, you just never know what on earth you’re going to find and we have walked away with some amazing discoveries.

Oh, and we call it “charity shop diving” because if you’re on the hunt for something truly unique, you end up diving through all the boxes, shelves and racks in the hunt for that unique find.

Coming back to Bideford specifically, you will not be disappointed, there are 11 charity shops in Bideford, plus several other second-hand shops we have not even included in this locals guide because they’re technically a “charity shop”.

North Devon Hospice

North Devon Hospice
North Devon Hospice

Among the town’s many distinguished charity shops, the North Devon Hospice Shop stands as a beacon of hope for those in need of care and comfort.

The shop is on Mill Street and presents a broad selection of items from books to clothing and homeware items.

What sets this shop apart is the value of your purchases, as every pound spent here directly supports the extraordinary efforts of the hospice in providing care and support to the terminally ill and their families, right here in North Devon.

The North Devon Hospice also have stores in many other North Devon towns, 5 in Barnstaple, Braunton, Holsworthy, Ilfracombe, Lyton, Torrington and South Moulton.

Children’s Hospice South West

Children's Hospice South West
Children’s Hospice South West

Continuing the journey of goodwill, the Children’s Hospice Bideford Shop further exemplifies the benevolent spirit of Bideford.

This shop is well-known for its high-quality items ranging from clothing to toys and more.

Every purchase made at this shop provides vital support to the hospice’s mission of providing care and assistance to children with life-limiting conditions and their families across the Southwest.

The Children’s Society

Adding to Bideford’s proud assembly of charity shops, The Children’s Society Shop is yet another location that champions children’s well-being across the UK.

The shop offers a delightful selection of pre-loved clothing, accessories, and books, among other things. With every purchase you make here, you’ll be supporting the vital work of The Children’s Society.

Devon Air Ambulance

Devon Air Ambulance
Devon Air Ambulance

Moving forward, the Bideford Devon Air Ambulance Shop has a unique offering that is sure to appeal to all shoppers.

The items available here range from intriguing books to high-quality clothing, all supporting a very significant cause. Every penny spent in this shop is channelled directly to maintaining the vital emergency services that save lives every day in Devon and surrounding areas.

Devon Air Ambulance is a life-saving service operating across Devon, UK. It provides rapid, critical care to patients, day and night, from its two helicopter air ambulances.

By reaching emergency scenes within minutes, this charity provides essential medical assistance, ensuring the best possible patient outcomes.


Oxfam Bideford
Oxfam Bideford

A globally recognized name, Oxfam in Bideford is no exception in carrying forward the organization’s mission of combating poverty.

Their shelves are filled with an eclectic mix of items ranging from books to clothing and even homeware. When you shop at Oxfam, you’re not just buying items, but also helping to fund projects that change lives worldwide.

You’ll find the shop at the top end of Mill Street and to the right, on Bridgeland St.

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Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder Bideford
Sue Ryder Bideford

Sue Ryder is another important charity shop in Bideford. Dedicated to providing palliative, neurological, and bereavement support, Sue Ryder assists individuals facing challenging health conditions.

Their Bideford shop sells everything from clothing to homeware, and every purchase contributes to their compassionate care and support services.

You’ll find this charity shop, up the hill and to the right on High Street.

Cancer Research UK

In the heart of Bideford is Cancer Research UK, a shop where every purchase helps fund research to beat cancer sooner.

Offering a variety of items from clothing to homeware, the shop invites you to join the fight against cancer by purchasing from their range.

North Devon Animal Ambulance

North Devon Animal Ambulance
North Devon Animal Ambulance

For animal lovers, the North Devon Animal Ambulance shop is a must-visit.

This unique charity shop in Bideford offers a wide variety of items including clothes, accessories, and homeware. But what truly sets it apart is its mission.

Every purchase you make contributes directly to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals in North Devon. Your shopping could make a difference in an animal’s life, providing them with the care and treatment they need.

They also have a sister store in the Cross Tree Centre, Braunton.

Refurnish Devon

Refurnish Devon
Refurnish Devon

If you’re looking for affordable furniture while being environmentally conscious, look no further than Refurnish Devon.

With a focus on reducing waste and promoting reuse, this shop offers a wide array of pre-loved furniture. Shopping at Refurnish Devon isn’t just about furnishing your space, it’s about contributing to a sustainable future.

By choosing to purchase from Refurnish Devon, you are making a conscious choice to reduce waste and promote a circular economy.

The Store Homelessness Project

Lastly, The Store Homelessness Project rounds off the list of notable charity shops in Bideford.

Every purchase from their wide range of items supports their mission of providing assistance to individuals experiencing homelessness. Their efforts help provide shelter, food, and essential services for those in dire need.

Circular Economy & Charity Shops

In the world of sustainability, the term ‘circular economy’ is becoming increasingly important. It’s a system that seeks to reduce waste, increase resource efficiency, and foster sustainability by encouraging the reuse, sharing, repair, refurbishment, remanufacturing, and recycling of products and materials.

Charity shops like those in Bideford play a crucial role in promoting this model. When you donate to or buy from a charity shop, you’re giving items a second life instead of sending them to the landfill.

Every pre-loved book, piece of clothing, or piece of furniture bought from a charity shop contributes to this circular system.

Beyond the environmental benefits, charity shops also contribute to the social aspect of the circular economy. They provide affordable items to those who need them, create local jobs, and support various worthy causes with profits.

Therefore, when you shop at these stores, you’re not just bagging a bargain but also contributing to a more sustainable and equitable world.

Personal Experiences

Having personally volunteered in St Peters Hospice, I know first-hand what fun charity shops can be.

You just never know what on earth is going to be in the next bag you’re working on and the staff & fellow volunteers are as diverse as they are old. Let alone the customers!

Charity shops are amazing for many reasons, I volunteered because I wanted routine again after taking a few years away from sitting at a computer. Also, to be honest, I would be terrible at actually caring for someone else, so volunteering a few hours per day and asking “Would you like a bag with that?”, was nothing in comparison.

The reasons why others volunteer range from just getting out, to meeting people, to feeling like they’re doing something worthwhile.

One thing I learnt while in the hospice, is that there is never, ever a boring day!

In Summary…

In summary, Bideford, North Devon, is a hub of charity shops each dedicated to a worthy cause.

Every item purchased from these shops is a step towards making a difference, be it supporting medical research, animal welfare, child welfare, emergency services, or environmental sustainability.

Happy shopping, and remember, your purchase has the power to bring about change!

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