Nash Family Fruit and Veg

Nash Family Fruit and Veg

Nash Family Fruit and Veg is a family-owned business located in the enchanting town of Bideford, England.

Founded over 40 years ago by the Nash family, this beloved shop has proudly served the local community with fresh, locally-sourced produce ever since.

As you step into Nash Family Fruit and Veg, be prepared to be immersed in colourful displays of bright fruits and vegetables from farmers in the area.

The friendly and welcoming shop staff are always available to provide helpful advice on recipes and nutrition.

A visit to this charming market store is an ideal way to experience the character and history of Bideford.


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Opening Hours:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: Closed
Address: 9 Mill St, Bideford EX39 2JT, UK

Tasmin Chilcott avatarTasmin Chilcott
10 months ago
Love shopping in this store, so happy it is still going when everything else in bideford seems to be closing. I really hope this fruit and veg shop stays. Always get such a welcome greeting from the people who work there and they’re always happy to help us find better items if I pick something slightly imperfect. Keep shopping locally! Thank you!
Andrew Speed avatarAndrew Speed
3 years ago
🍆🍒🥦🍏🍅🍌🍓🍊🍉🍇🌽🥕🥥🥝🥑🌶🥒 Nice to find a fruit and veg shop still exists in the town, although the friendly ginger gentleman who used to work they has since left. Edit, the ginger man is back, and now runs it as his own business. BRAVO
Mrs Williams avatarMrs Williams
a year ago
The three stars is as this is a local grocer with decent produce. We have been regular customers for 10 years. We have always found the service functional but polite. We understand it is the right of a proprietor to have rules for his own shop and it is reasonable to have a way of managing young children around the produce.We do however feel moved to document today’s incident, which has left us shocked and upset.A few days ago, alone on foot with my 3-month-old baby and 2-year-old, my toddler asked for an apple from the outside display. Finding it hard to manage public tantrums whilst also holding a baby I sought to avoid it by giving it to her then the shopkeeper a similar sized apple to weigh along with the rest of the shop. I then replaced the apple. He explained the next time the actual apple needed to be weighed before giving.On today’s visit with my husband our toddler picked up an apple as we entered the shop. I duly removed it from her and gave it to the shopkeeper to weigh before giving it back to her. He then asked us for 41p for the apple. I said we had a couple of other items to gather (tomato and celery) and could pay altogether. But he insisted we pay 41p straight away for the apple. I began to explain that we only had a card no cash, it was difficult for a toddler to understand the need to wait etc. but he cut me short stating quite aggressively we must pay immediately or leave.After my husband suggested he was speaking inappropriately he accused us of stealing, that this wasn’t the shop for us, and that we must leave. Shocked I reiterated we had every intention of paying for the apple along with our other items, but every time we tried to speak, he cut us short eventually threatening to call the police if we didn’t leave. I took the apple from my daughter and gave it back to him before leaving.My husband shortly returned to ask for the manager's name, but he responded saying that “as the manager he had considered his formal complaint and he must leave”. We are regulars on Mill Street and not wanting bad feeling I returned and apologised for any upset, hoping we could then discuss the incident. But he stopped me short telling me he was fed up of seeing us, and again accused me of stealing and forcibly told me to leave. He then made a show of calling the police (maybe pretending?) saying into his phone that there had been an incident and there were people in his shop refusing to leave. This as all in front of my toddler and husband holding the baby. Shortly after I was in tears being comforted by two lovely ladies in a nearby charity shop.We have been left shocked and hurt and it is such a shame as we often shop on Mill Street as a family.
Mark Coram avatarMark Coram
5 months ago
Clearly part of the community, didn't oversell to anyone, and you could buy the right amounts. Well done sir.
Mike Tucker avatarMike Tucker
8 months ago
Very high quality produce! With excellent serviceGreat variety of produce and certainly fresh and competitively pricedFab shop 👍
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The address for Nash Family Fruit and Veg we have is: 9 Mill St, Bideford EX39 2JT, UK. Use the map below for a closer view. Do check with your host for a definite location.

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