Yomer Wood Camping

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Yomer Wood Camping

Key Features
10 acres of lush woodland
620 miles of South West Coast Trail
No electricity or wifi
Compost toilet, pot washing area, streams, campfires

Are you looking for a chance to reconnect with nature while camping in beautiful north Devon? Then Yomer Wood Camping is the perfect spot for you. It’s a no-fuss, back to basics campsite located just a few minutes’ drive (10 minutes’ walk) from the stunning coastal village of Lee.

When you arrive, you’ll find 10 acres of lush woodland, where you can watch out for wildlife including deer, foxes and badgers!

The campsite also enjoys close proximity to the rugged Devon coast, giving you access to 620 miles of the South West Coast Trail and the sheltered cove at Lee Bay. You can even time your visit to see why locals call it the Fuschia valley.

At Yomer Wood Camping, you can channel your inner outdoorsman and enjoy a truly basic camping experience. With no electricity or wifi, there’s no need to worry about digital distractions while here. The camp has its own compost toilet, pot washing area and streams. Best of all, campfires are allowed, so you can satisfy your craving for some good old-fashioned barbecued sausages!

Just note that the campsite does not have its own parking, but parking is available at the local beach and pub, which is a 10-15 minute walk away.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yomer Wood Camping

    • Q: Where is Yomer Wood Camping located?
      A: Yomer Wood Camping is located in Lee, Ilfracombe, Devon, England, EX34 8LN.

    • Q: How far is Yomer Wood Camping from the coast?
      A: Yomer Wood Camping is only a 15-minute walk away from the coast.

    • Q: What wildlife can be found on-site at Yomer Wood Camping?
      A: On-site, you can find deer, foxes, and badgers.

    • Q: Is electricity and WiFi available at Yomer Wood Camping?
      A: Unfortunately, Yomer Wood Camping does not provide electricity or WiFi.

    • Q: What facilities are available at Yomer Wood Camping?
      A: Yomer Wood Camping features streams and a pond, a compost toilet, a rainwater-supplied pot washing area, and campfires which are fully approved of.

    • Q: Is there parking available at Yomer Wood Camping?
      A: Unfortunately, there is no parking available on site at Yomer Wood Camping; however, there is parking available at the local beach and pub, which is a 10 to 15-minute walk away.

    • Q: What is the surrounding area like around Yomer Wood Camping?
      A: Yomer Wood Camping is surrounded by the Lee Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and is just a short walk from the 630-mile South West Coast Path and the sheltered cove at Lee Bay.


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The address for Yomer Wood Camping we have is: Lee, Ilfracombe, Devon, England, EX34 8LN. Use the map below for a closer view. Do check with your host for a definite location.

Contact Information

Postal Address
Lee, Ilfracombe, Devon, England, EX34 8LN

About the Local Area (Ilfracombe)

Ilfracombe is a beautiful seaside town that offers a blend of natural beauty, historical architecture, and modern attractions. From stunning beaches and rugged cliffs to art galleries and fine dining, Ilfracombe has something to offer everyone.

Let’s explore what makes this town so special.

What is Ilfracombe Famous For?

Ilfracombe is famous for its stunning natural landmarks, including the iconic Hillsborough Hill, which offers panoramic views of the town and the Bristol Channel.

Additionally, the town is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, with numerous galleries, exhibitions, and festivals taking place throughout the year.

Things To Do In Ilfracombe

Ilfracombe boasts an array of exciting things to do, making it an ideal destination for tourists. Visitors can explore the town’s unique history by visiting St Nicholas Chapel or taking a stroll along the historic harbour.

Other popular attractions include:

  • Tunnels Beaches
    A series of four tunnels lead to secluded coves and a tidal pool, offering a unique swimming experience.
  • Ilfracombe Aquarium
    A fascinating family-friendly attraction that showcases the diverse marine life of the area, including exotic fish and sharks.
  • South West Coast Path
    A scenic walking trail that takes visitors along the rugged coastline of North Devon, offering stunning views of the sea and cliffs.

Things Near By Ilfracombe

Ilfracombe’s stunning location also makes it an excellent base for exploring the surrounding areas.

Here are some of the most popular attractions near Ilfracombe:

  • Exmoor National Park
    A vast wilderness area that offers scenic hikes, wildlife spotting, and stunning views of the countryside.
  • Woolacombe Beach
    A world-famous beach that boasts miles of golden sand and crystal-clear waters, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and surfing.
  • Lynton and Lynmouth
    A beautiful twin village that offers a range of attractions, including the Lynton Cliff Railway, the Valley of Rocks, and the Lynmouth Flood Memorial Hall.

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